General FAQs

Q. What is GPS?

GPS or global positioning system was developed by the U.S. Department of defense. GPS is a satellite-based navigation system utilising orbiting satellites working on the principle that if you know an object's distance from several known locations are the satellites and distance to the object is measured using transit time of an encoded signal. The satellite also broadcast a data stream along with the encoded signal to transmit information about their location.

Q. What are LMS Tracking devices?

The LMS trackers use GPS and mobile ID technology to accurately track the device. It uses the wireless GSM network to transmit those positions to a web-based portal where users can view the device location.

Q. What coverage does my LMS tracking device have?

The LMS - 3G Tracker will give you coverage anywhere there is mobile phone coverage. If the Device enters an area without network coverage the GPS feature will not be able to report its current location until it re-enters an area with network coverage. Upon reconnection, it will reproduce a history of its locations where it was out of range.

The LMS Elite tracker with a satellite modem will provide coverage anywhere in the world. It runs on the 3G/4G mobile network until it moves out of network range, it then switches to the Iridium satellite network to provide you the constant location wherever you go.

Q. What is the Standard Warranty Period?

12 month, but this can be extended to 3 years, should you take out our 36-month connectivity plan at the time of purchase. This excludes water damage, accidental damage or products which have been abused.

Q. How often should I replace my device?

Replacement of your unit is not necessary unless it has been damaged or you require upgrades or features which your current model does not provide.

Q. Can Anyone track my LMS device?

No! Once registered and activated to the LMS Tracking Application, only you or those you have chosen will receive free email alerts or text alerts. (Paid service) To access the web-based service plus mobile app you will need to provide your login & Password details to those you have chosen in order for them to track your location. Updates or changes to your contacts can be done at any time.

Q. Why does my LMS tracker Improve when I’m moving?

A stationary vehicle takes a lot longer to pick up satellite signals than a moving vehicle. The satellite modem attached to your tracking device requires 3 satellites to triangulate and find your position.

Q. Does my LMS Tracker have the same coverage in all areas?

Your connection to the satellite may be compromised if you are in an underground concrete carpark or similar locations like inner city high rise locations which block and restrict the ability of your tracking device to locate the satellite.

Q. What is the Accuracy of my LMS tracker?

1 Metre

Q. How can I access my LMS Tracker location?

You can access your location in following ways:

  • Via the internet

  • Via your web-enabled mobile phone 

  • Via the LMS Mobile phone app

  • Basic SMS Commands

Device Related FAQs


Q. What is the difference between a GPS navigational device and my LMS tracking Device?

Your navigational device shows you how to get somewhere where your GPS tracking device shows and reports your current location.

Q. Can My LMS tracker be found and removed from my vehicle?

While LMS make every effort to fit your tracking device discreetly during installation, there is still a chance that the device may be found. We always fit LMS trackers covertly to give you the best chance of it not being found.

Q. Can my Device be affected by GSM Jamming devices?

Through our experience and testing we are yet to find a device which impacts a tracking device in any way. LMS tracking systems are equipped with jamming detection.

Q. Will the LMS tracking device flatten my battery?

Not under normal condition. The tracking devices typically have a very low draw on average 100ma and in sleep mode down to 28ma.

Q. Is my LMS device waterproof?

No. However we can provide waterproof enclosures on request.

Q. Do I need to change the backup battery in my device?

No, your device is filled with a long life rechargeable battery which is recharged through the device.

Q. Can I send text messages to the LMS tracker to disable my car and prevent it from being stolen?

Yes. please advise LMS staff at the time of booking you would like this feature installed and activated.

Q. Can I integrate my Garmin GPS navigational device and my LMS tracking device to communicate and receive messages?

Yes, LMS 6300 devices connect to the Garmin navigational devices which can produce messages to be sent through the tracking software and optimising route routing for fleets and government vehicles.


Troubleshooting FAQs


Q. My LMS web portal is not loading properly and some of the information is missing. What do I do?

You may be having a browser issue, Shut your computer down and then restart. This will refresh your browser. 

ctrl+F5 (Refresh browser)
Shut down the browser and re-open
Clear cache

Q. Why LMS as your preferred tracking company?

LMS are Western Australian Owned operated, no third party involvement as we run our own servers. You talk directly to our customer service team.


Application Related FAQs

Q. How do I login to my LMS site to view my device location?

Go to your browser and enter head to WEB4 Login. Or Alternatively, head to


Q- Which smartphone has the LMS/TAVL mobile app?

Apple Phone and any android phone.

Q. How do I change my password details on the LMS site?

Need to head to LMS support for help in changing your password.

Q. Can upgrades to my tracker be done remotely vis SMS messages?

Yes, Although some modifications may require wiring changes.

Q. What length of historical data does my device store?

12 months of tracking data is stored accurately month at a time.

Q- What is geofence?

A geofence is a defined boundary that allows alerts to be triggred when a GPS device passes in or out of the defined area.

Q. How do I set up a geofence?

Geofences can be rectangular or circular zones to define the area. Up to 5 geofence zones can be set up on your LMS Device

Q. Once I have set up geofencing, Will I Automatically receive alerts via SMS if these boundaries are chosen?

Yes, Automatic geofences can also be set up to report if the car moves from the current location  without ingition being turned on (Touring Detection)

Q. What is the smallest geofence I can set on my LMS Device?

1 Metre is the smallest

Q. If my phone is switched off do I still recieve alerts?

You will not recieve any alerts until your phone is switched on and connected to the network. There are however several modes to deliver important messages to you and chosen recipients via SMS, email and phone calls.

Q. If I cancel my service, will I have able to go back and view my tracking history and reports?

No, You will not be able to continue viewing your tracking data history unless you printed it off while your service was active. 



1. Operational terms and conditions

This document outlines how we operate and your oblications and tems of engagement. LMS Terms and Conditions PDF