Fleet Solutions

Report Scheduling:

Software Providing detailed reporting Features for - 


  • Time on Job verification for staff time sheets and payroll.
  • Monitor Staff working Start/Finish time.
  • Evidence of time on the job for invoicing and customer disputes.
  • Protect staff against false complaints and accusations.
  • Monitoring of break intervals.
  • Alerts of excessive idling helping monitor productivity, including driver identification and fuel consumptions.


Crash/Impact Detection

Inbuilt crash detection providing time and exact location details in case of an accident. Providing safety for your staff and meeting OH & S Obligations.

Driver Verification and Immobilisation

Use I button tag technology specific to each driver allowing the fleet manager to identify which staff members are driving each vehicle. Also provides an added layer of security for fleet vehicles through immobilisation via the tracking system. The vehicle will not start until the authorised i button has been placed into the receiver.

Optimisation of Company Vehicles

By having complete visibility of your assets in real time and generating a range of reports and actionable data reduce vehicle overheads.


See instant saving in-

  • Fuel costs
  • Reduction in wear & tear on vehicles (Tyres/Brakes)
  • Reduction in vehicle servicing costs (extending service intervals)
  • Consumable theft
  • Reduction in “out of hours” use of company vehicles


Maintenance Scheduling

Track and plan for your vehicle next maintenance interval so you can minimise downtime, Maintain productivity. Ensure fleet efficiency and provide worker safety.


Route Planning

Calculate the optimal route for your driver to take, cutting down on time spent on the road, improving efficiency, reducing fuel costs and wear & tear on your vehicle.


Vehicle Health Check

Monitor battery strength and remotely check other fitted devices are working correctly.


Duress Button

Allow your drivers to quickly activate a distress notification in the event of an emergency. Providing a safer workplace and meeting OH&S Obligation.


Direct to vehicle messaging


Integration of Garmin PND to LMS tracking devices will enable-

  • Direct messages with driver. Messages are sent over the internet, so you avoid possible SMS expenses.
  • Destination sending to the driver, Simply select the desired point on the map and send it to the driver. Garmin will calculate optimal route for the driver and you nearby to go.
  • ETA (Estimated time of arrival) support. You will always know how for the driver is from the destination point, improving the customer service level.


Real Time Fleet Management

See your fleet “LIVE“ using the LMS software. Provide your customers with ETA’s on the services you provide.


All Data is collected and analysed with LMS Innovative Software-

  • Complete visibility of your assets in real time, available 24/7 from your mobile or desktop device.
  • Generates a range of reports and actionable data: Geo-location audits, emergency events notifications, geo-fence boundary assigns and scheduled GPS reporting.


We supply Satellite and GSM data communications across Western Australia, The majority of these continue to operate in the harshest and most remote regions W.A has to offer.

Please supply LMS with your tracking requirements via your application. The LMS team will Tailor a solution to meet your needs.