Government Solutions

Alert Notifications

Create defined Zones/boundaries and monitor when an object enters or leaves zones. Receive notification about zone transitions to always be aware of your fleet's movements.

If your vehicle is towed without your permission, has its power supply interrupted or vehicles enter areas of restricted access, automatic notification via text/SMS or email will be sent. (Current charges for SMS will apply).

Vehicle Groupings

Allocate your vehicles into different groups for monitoring and new settings. For example, vehicles opening 24 hours a day may be set as one group and the next group which has vehicle operating between 9am-5pm 5 days per week.

Road Maintenace

Pinpoint to within 1-meter road surfaces requiring maintenance. Make up unlimited events and reproduce these in a report to indicate exactly where road maintenance is required.

Remote Coverage

Using 3G GPS tracking combined with state of art satellite modem technology your vehicles will never be out of the range. Providing both staff and employer with peace of mind.